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Servo Voltage Stabilizers are used to regulate and stabilize the voltage obtained from the mains power system with full protection and to maintain voltage in permissible limits at any premises. Electrical machines, equipments and devices are safe when the mains supply voltage is between 200V and 240V in case of single phase and between 350V and 415V in case of three phase electrical systems. Due to unbalanced load and voltage drops the voltage does not remain within the safe limit as required. During the day and night the voltage falls below or rises above the safe limit. This variation in the supply voltage can damage the costly machines etc. There is a need to stabilize the incoming supply voltage within the safe limit and Servo Voltage Stabilizer is the most economical solution to regulate and stabilize the main voltage.

EELTEC Servo Voltage Controllers are manufactured using latest technology. Systems from few KW to hundreds of KWs are employed after assessing the quantum of electrical load. The capacity and ratings of the system is determined and the unit is got installed by our well trained technicians as per the requirement of our customers. Customer Care department responds quickly to any issues to resolve and maintains excellent relationship. Our customer gain is our reward.

Key Features
  • Various models are available suitable for different voltage conditions, indoor or outdoor installation.
  • System bares wide input frequency variations without any waveform distortion.
  • Voltage regulation is independent of load power factor.
  • State of the art electronics controls for versatility, reliability and easy online serviceability.
  • User friendly front panel controls with auto/manual operation, output nominal voltage adjustments,
  • Status indicators for under/over voltage and trip alarm for fault condition.
EELTEC Voltage stabilizing systems are manufactured having capacity 5 KVA to 500KVA for various applications in every field of Electrical, Electronic & many other Industries, Research institutions Testing Laboratories, Educational Institutions and in domestic field due to use of LED lighting, which is very sensitive to voltage variations.
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