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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is an electronics system which is used to supply uninterrupted power to sensitive equipments and devices which have critical applications. EELTEC Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) ensure continuous and disturbance-free power to your Mission critical applications. It is also commonly used to protect electronic hardware such as computers and telecommunication equipment where power interruption can cause data loss or business disruptions. UPS supply is continuous and uninterruptible irrespective of the incoming mains supply conditions, low voltage, spikes, transients and blackout i.e. failure of mains supply. UPS units vary in size to deliver electrical power 200 VA to 200KVA or above.

EELTEC; UPS systems are True online systems which mean these systems are double conversion technology. Mains AC power whether single phase or three phases is converted to DC and intern this DC supply is again converted to AC power using digital techniques. Since AC supply is generated electronically it is totally clean AC power with pure sine waveform. Depending on the back up required in hours adequate numbers of batteries are connected in the system to provide desired backup. Since DC power is provided both by the AC mains and the batteries connected therefore when mains fail there is absolutely no interruption of power to the critical connected load. Different models are manufactured for various types of applications.

Is it important to have an online UPS when computers or computerized devices or any kind of Electronics systems are installed in your work place may be an office, clinic or factory?

The power from the mains does not remain constant i.e. voltage rises and falls frequently, contains voltage spikes (short duration high voltage pulses), transients a sort of disturbance when voltage varies in an erratic manner or totally fails. Computers or computer based devices, machines and systems are damaged or loose data or may get switched off loosing complete data or interrupts and needs setting again etc.
An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is essentially connected between your computers or computer based devices, machines and systems to safeguard these against damage or loosing data. The UPS gives clean power and it has many other benefits which include:
1. Total protection from power supply
Failure are very common specially in India and Online UPS continues supplying clean power under all conditions.
2. Protection against voltage variances
Most of us are not aware about the quality of the electricity supply we get. voltage supply can cause damage. With a UPS, you will have full protection from these voltage variances since the UPS generates its own clean supply with fixed constant voltage, allowing pure power to reach your machine/ systems. Total protection from;
  • Spikes: A sharp , very short duration sudden, voltage increase may
    be caused due to many reasons may be by a lightning strike or fallen power lines.
  • Surges: Increases in voltage which last longer than spikes and typically show up when a large device such as a commercial air conditioner shuts off. This causes disturbance in the power supply in the building and can cause extensive damage.
  • Brownouts: A brownout is fall in voltage which may last for longer periods. Which may be caused for instance when a welding machine is running.
  • Noise Interference: to the power supply is caused by high energy
    equipment such as welders and transmitters.
3. Protection of Data
Even a very short duration dip can cause data loss. Online UPS provides clean power and data is always fully protected.
4. Safe working
When the power goes off suddenly and you haven’t saved your work You may lose data which is very frustrating?
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